No Excuse 2020 – 2022

Health protection and promotion program, coordinated by No Excuse and supported by Ministry of Health, Republic of Slovenia. 

The project is funded by


The program comprehensively addresses the issue of tobacco and related products, alcohol consumption and cannabis use among young people. It is set in the form of several different complementary activities. While prevention activities focus on activities in primary and secondary schools and among our members – activists and advocates, they are complemented by communication campaigns, advocacy for change, strengthening and improving policies, monitoring law enforcement and strengthening the wider sector in these areas. Our organization works professionally in the areas of addiction, health promotion, promotion of healthy lifestyles and youth work, and project partners contribute their knowledge and experience in other areas such as social marketing, digital marketing, media and communication campaigns, transparency and ethics as well as consumer protection. Together we set a comprehensive  project aimed at achieving important goals and changes in Slovenia.

Main goals:

  •  prevention and reduction of risky and harmful alcohol consumption among individual endangered groups of the population (adolescents),
  • effective education and awareness-raising programs for the public and / or individual groups of the population (children and adolescents) on health risks and the harmful effects of the use of tobacco, tobacco products and related products,
  • developing comprehensive prevention models for children, adolescents and their families to prevent the use of illicit drugs and other psychoactive substances,
  • promoting active leisure time without alcohol,
  • implementation of activities for the safe entertainment of young people,
  • networking of different actors at local, national and international level in planning, advocacy and exchange of good practices in the field of tobacco policy,
  • monitoring the implementation of legislation in local environments,
  • implementation of advocacy activities for the protection of public health in the field of illicit drugs.