Portorož Youth Health Declaration

The Portorož Youth Health Declaration was formulated at the Portorož Youth Health Forum held from February 21 to 26, 2023 and brought together representatives from 34 youth organizations.

Guidelines for a Healthy Organization

These Guidelines for a healthy organization were created as a part of an Erasmus+founded Youth4Health project, carried out by the International Youth Health Organization together with partners Civil Life Association from Turkey, HERA from North Macedonia and Youth Network for Health Promotion from Slovenia. It has been developed by a group of youth health ambassadors at the the Final Seminar taking place in January 2023 in Slovenia, who have undergone two trainings on building youth health coalitions, youth health and advocacy.

Towards reducing alcohol harms

OSLO DECLARATION Conclusions and Key Messages from the 9th European Alcohol Policy Conference.

Mental health in digital environments
Manifesto on student's mental health

Study Session By participants of Study Session on Student Mental Health Manifesto 1. Problem Statement and Position All human beings have the right for health

Youth Manifesto on Food Systems

Together with the CAZAS from Montenegro, MMSA from North Macedonia, and World Obesity Federation from the UK, we carried out a series of activities in the field of food systems and nutrition for health, activating around 400 young people to advocate for a more effective nutrition policy.

Portorož Youth Paper

Final document of the 1st NCD Youth Conference that took place in december 2019 in Portorož, Slovenia.

International Youth Climate Declaration

International Youth Climate Summit taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 7th to 8th July 2022, focused on Sustainable Development Goals, namely SDG 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), SDG 10 (Reducing Inequalities), and SDG 13 (Climate Action).

Policy Statement on Mental Health Post-Pandemic

“Without mental health there can be no true physical health,” famously stated Dr Brock Chisholm, the first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). The true meaning of the statement was very much evident in the pandemic and post-pandemic era - a time where we talked immensely about how to stay healthy while our mental health was deteriorating.

10 Asks by Youth

Young people highlighted three advocacy-based documents on topics that are focused on alcohol prevention, health literacy, mental health. With this, they want to address the problematic areas in which they want changes. This project was Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. ​ And European Youth Foundation of the Council Of Europe.

Statement of the IPSF

International Pharmaceutical Students Federation, supported by the International Youth Health Organization, strongly encourages WHO and its Member States to institute a stronger effort to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. IPSF and YHO applaud the draft action plan and call on Member States to reduce the use of alcohol by the youth through progressive best buys strategies, and monitoring of existing legislation, while ensuring meaningful youth engagement at the local, regional, and global levels. Additionally, we also call on WHO to declare a statement of disapproval on the involvement of the alcohol industry in WHO projects, similar to that of the tobacco industry.

Alcohol-free Events

Many countries around the world are facing the issue of “wet culture”, which means that the topic of alcohol at events can be tricky and complex to handle with many organizations submitting to social norms and serving alcoholic beverages. These guidelines are here to support an alcohol-free society and healthy lifestyle by building young people’s confidence, self-care, and understanding that they do not need alcohol to have an awesome time. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Climate Anxiety Recommendations

Climate anxiety is an emerging mental health condition that is especially impacting young people and is not receiving much recognition in the broader sense yet. That is why we did prepare youth recommendations which are the final product of an open youth dialogue event. With both mental health and climate change being huge priorities within the EU, we also wanted to explore the connections between the two topics and how intertwined they indeed are. This project was supported by the European Commission.