Board and MC


Urška Erklavec

(No Excuse Slovenia)

Urška Erklavec is commited to public health advocacy since 2008. In 2024, she assumed the role of Head of the newly established Service for NGOs at the National Institute of Public Health in Slovenia. Prior to this position, starting from 2020, she worked at the Slovenian Ministry of Health, focusing on various health initiatives during Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2021, and later shifting her focus to child and youth health at the Public Health Directorate. Since 2020, she has been an active member of the Young Gasteiners, and from 2022 to 2024, she served as a dedicated Task Force member. Previously, she served as President of the Slovenian NCD Alliance and President of No Excuse Slovenia. With an educational background in pharmacy, Urška Erklavec brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to her work at the YHO.

Regional Coordinator

Laura Plešnar

(Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association)
Laura Plešnar, MD, is a dermatology resident known for her international outlook and commitment to healthcare advancement. A graduate of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, she holds fluency in Croatian, German, and English, along with basic French and Korean skills.Her leadership shines through roles like Regional Director for Europe at IFMSA, where she coordinated international initiatives. She actively engages in humanitarian efforts, participating in ERASMUS+ projects and disaster medicine training.
Laura’s accolades include the Rectors Award for her contribution to the public health project “Lov na Tihog Ubojicu.” A dynamic trainer at international events like IFMSA Egypt Cleopatrain and CroMSIC Croatia Adria Train, she contributes significantly to mental health and disaster medicine education. Her diverse background and global health passion make her a valuable addition to the Youth Health Organization, aligning with the organization’s mission of promoting youth health and well-being.

Free Board Member

Ani Beraia
(Youth for Public Health)

Ani Beraia is a Public Health specialist from Georgia. She is a CEO and co-founder of the youth organization -Youth for Public Health and a young researcher at the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia, where she works for the Cancer Screening Program and the Cancer Registry development. She is an invited lecturer at the University of Georgia for the Health promotion course. She has been working for youth health and health prevention since 2014. She also has volunteer experience in youth health and health prevention nationally and internationally. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate from the UiT-The Arctic University of Norway. Her Ph.D. project is on cancer incidence in Georgia. 

Free Board Member

Ülkü İlayda Mercimekci

(Civil Life Association)
Ülkü is a Psychologist who graduated from Ankara, Turkey. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Addiction and Anti-Doping Studies. She spent most of her student years volunteering in various civil society organizations such as the Turkish Psychological Association and the Civil Life Association. Her first job after graduation was as an International Programs and Projects Specialist at the International Green Federation. She has been designing numerous projects with young people for years and continues her work in this field.

Monitoring Commitee


Andrej Martin Vujkovac
(No Excuse Slovenia)
Andrej is a recently graduated Medical Doctor from Ljubljana. He spent most of his student years working in Youth Organisations, such as the Slovenian Medical Students International Committee (SloMSIC) and International Federation of Medical Students Associations, where he served as a volunteer and later in Executive board positions. His first employment after graduation was in Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia, where he worked as a Public Health Associate. His work has included designing prevention programs for Youth, advocating for better health policies in the field of addictions, and training young activists who want to make the world a better place.
Jan Peloza
Jan is the co-founder of the Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia and in the past, he has been serving as a director of the Institute for Youth Participation, Health and Sustainable Development, Foundation Mobin, president of the Alcohol Policy Youth Network, and an alternate board member of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health which is chaired by the World Health Organization, where he has worked as a consultant for many years on topics of Alcohol, Tobacco, Meaningful youth engagement, strategic communications, and advocacy. He holds a master’s in social marketing on the topic of problematic gambling and a bachelor’s in computing and informatics.


Lukas Galkus
(Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association)
Lukas Galkus is a medical doctor from Lithuania and a health activist with a working background in Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association (LiMSA) and Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition. Over the last 6 years, he has been active in the public health sector representing youth voices both on a national and international level. Lukas is currently serving as a board member in European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare). He is interested in research in the fields of health promotion, prevention (especially alcohol, tobacco, and drugs), health economics, and youth work. Previously he led Alcohol Policy Youth Network as the resident of the organization.