Board and MC


Andrej Martin Vujkovac
Andrej is a recently graduated Medical Doctor from Ljubljana. He spent most of his student years working in Youth Organisations, such as the Slovenian Medical Students International Committee (SloMSIC) and International Federation of Medical Students Associations, where he served as a volunteer and later in Executive board positions. His first employment after graduation was in Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia, where he worked as a Public Health Associate. His work has included designing prevention programs for Youth, advocating for better health policies in the field of addictions, and training young activists who want to make the world a better place.
Lukas Galkus
(Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association)
Lukas Galkus is a medical doctor from Lithuania and a health activist with a working background in Lithuanian Medical Students’ Association (LiMSA) and Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition. Over the last 6 years, he has been active in the public health sector representing youth voices both on a national and international level. Lukas is currently serving as a board member in European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare). He is interested in research in the fields of health promotion, prevention (especially alcohol, tobacco, and drugs), health economics, and youth work. Previously he led Alcohol Policy Youth Network as the resident of the organization.
Sanja Sisovic
Sanja Sisovic comes from Podgorica, Montenegro. She has been active in the health field since 2010 when she joined NGO CAZAS as a youth worker and health activist. Currently, she is very active in the promotion of healthy habits among youth, advocacy, and health policy shaping. Since 2018 she is a member of the National Alcohol Council within the Ministry of health in Montenegro and is active in more than five different working groups and national teams for NCDs and reproductive health of youth. Her working background has been mostly focused on health and youth-related topics, with more than 10 years of experience in volunteering and working in the field of public health in the SEE region, active participation and involvement in more than 50 regional and international health events in the last five years and representing Montenegro as a delegate at five international networks on different health topics. Her professional interested is focused on health topics with special emphasis on the mental health of youth and the development of SEL skills among youth.
Ani Beraia
(Youth for Public Health)

Ani Beraia is a Public Health specialist from Georgia. She is a CEO and co-founder of youth organization -Youth for Public Health and state programs Assistant at the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia, where she works for Cancer Screening Program development and coordinates the Lead Biomonitoring program. She is experienced working for youth health and health prevention since 2014. She has volunteering experience as well at the national level with participation in health promotion activities, at an international level to benefit the environment. Currently, she is mostly interested in NCDs and environmental health prevention based on youth involvement.

Elifé Caglar
(Civil Life Association Turkey)

Elife is a Dietician Nutritionist and performing the last year of her Master’s degree in Public Health. She is currently doing her Project Management internship in non-communicable diseases. She carried out many interventions for health promotion and disease prevention and worked especially for youth health. She is particularly interested in social inequalities in health and has a passion for discovery and eager to learn more. She wants to carry out creative and innovative projects based on youth involvement to improve the health system and reduce social inequalities.

Batool Al-Wahdani

Batool Al-Wahdani is a Specialty Trainee Doctor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Exeter, United Kingdom. Batool was the past president of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) 2018/2019. She is a youth advocate who led the advocacy work of medical students on Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals. She represented youth and medical students in international meetings and several events in the United Nations General Assemblies and World Health Assemblies. Batool worked as well in the World Health Organization on addressing the shortfall of health workers, youth engagement in health and most recently on communication and training for engagements with non-State actors. She is a Chevening Scholar with a MSc of Public Health degree from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

Žiga Barbarič

Žiga Barbarič is a medical doctor from Slovenia. During his studies he was active in the Slovenian Medical Students’ International Committee, first and foremost in project work in public health and medical education and later on formally as a member of the supervisory board, then secretary and in the years 2018 and 2019 as president. In 2017 he was also the Medical Education Director in the European Medical Students’ Association. His work in the youth sector started even before enrolling in university – in 2012 in his home region of Prekmurje where he helped to establish the high school students section of the local students’ association (Klub prekmurskih študentov) in which he stayed active all the way to 2022

Monitoring Commitee

Sofia Ribeiro
(European Medical Students’ Association – EMSA)
Sofia is a Medical Doctor specializing in Public Health in Portugal. She has completed an MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and she is currently completing a MA in International Relations and Political Science (European Studies track) at the NOVA University in Lisbon. Over the last years, she has been working in Public Health at an international level, having attended over 40 international meetings as an active delegate. She worked as a consultant at the WHO Representation to the European Union in Brussels for a year, following topics related to risk factors, including alcohol and tobacco. Furthermore, Sofia has worked as the Vice President for External Affairs of the European Medical Students’ Association for two years, addressing health policies and public health projects across Europe in several areas, including alcohol, healthy aging, bioethics, and medical education. Perhaps the area she has more expertise in would be the reduction of alcohol-related harm. As the Vice President for Advocacy and Alcohol Policy of APYN for four years, she worked on research, policy, advocacy and also training at both national and European levels. She also holds a position within the Young Forum Gastein Taskforce, and she was a member of the Executive Desk and the Executive Committee of the European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health. In her spare time, she likes to learn languages and travel.
Ingunn Aanes
Ingunn was a member of the APYN secretariat from 2010 till 2014. She holds a master’s degree in economics and management from the Norwegian School of Economics. Further, she has broad experience from different youth organizations including APYN, No Excuse, and Juvente Norway.
Urška Erklavec
Urška Erklavec has been a keen activist on public health since 2008. In 2020, she started working at the Slovenian Ministry of Health to support health topics during the Presidency of Slovenia to the Council of the EU. She is also active as a vice-president at the Food and Nutrition section of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA). Before she was a president of the Slovenian NCD Alliance and a president of No Excuse Slovenia. In her free time, she researches food systems as part of her Ph.D. studies. Her educational background is in Pharmacy.