Secretary General ad interim

Mia Zupančič

Mia Zupančič has a degree in psychology and is currently completing her Master’s degree in marriage and family studies. She has been gaining experience with youth work since she was a teenager, initially in the role of an active volunteer, guide and head of one of the local units of the Scout Association of Slovenia, which means that she has been working with children, adolescents and young volunteers since the age of 16, during which time she also completed many youth leadership courses. She was also a volunteer at many youth organizations and youth centers in Slovenia, as well as at programs focused on the promotion of (mainly mental) health among children and adolescents. During her studies, she started working in the field of mental health, especially through prevention programs. At first, she was the project manager of the Safe Internet Institute, where she developed, implemented and evaluated preventive programs on modern topics such as Internet addiction and online violence. She currently works as the Secretary General of the Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia and the ad interim Secretary General at the YHO. She is also a member of the pool of trainers of the National Youth Council of Slovenia, a vice president for sustainable development of the NYC Slovenia, and has also obtained the national professional qualification Youth Worker. In her free time she likes to spend time in nature, doing activities that most people would not consider very relaxing, such as climbing, paragliding and hiking, but it seems to work for her as people usually describe her as a calm person.

Programme Director

Katja Čič

Katja Čič currently works as the Programme Director at the International Youth Health Organization where she leads content development and advocacy initiatives. Before joining YHO, she has been actively involved in the global health sphere as a medical student, serving as Public Health Director and Liaison Officer to the World Health Organization in the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). She previously worked for the Slovenian NCD Alliance, held a position in the GHWN Youth Hub Steering Committee and worked as a consultant to WHO Europe on youth engagement in the field of immunization. Katja is also a part of the WHO Youth Council where she co-chairs the Working Group on Climate Change and Health, and is a part of the Alcohol Policy Network Steering Group. Starting her journey as a youth health and climate activist back in high school, she has over 10 years of experience working in health policy, meaningful youth engagement, NCDs and environmental health

Project Manager

Tadeja Pretnar

Tadeja Pretnar is an ecologist and biologist with a keen interest in promoting a less-waste lifestyle, environmental health, and youth health. Since her teenage years, she has been actively involved in the NGO world, including the Scouts Association of Slovenia, Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia, and the Institute for Health and Environment, where she gained extensive experience in youth work, project management, and implementing project activities. Having gained working experience from the Ministry of Health Slovenia, she understands the importance of NGO work on both national and international levels, particularly in terms of citizen engagement. She strives to make a meaningful impact through her involvement in NGOs. Over the past 15 years, she has been very active in popularizing biology and ecology, working with organizations such as ZOO Ljubljana, the Natural History Museum of Slovenia, the Scouts Association of Slovenia, and These are elements that she continues to integrate with topics of environmental health. In the summer of 2023, she joined the International Youth Health Organization as a Project Manager.

Project Associate

Ajda Stepišnik

Ajda is an advocate for youth health at both national and international level. As a pharmacy student, she has been an active member of the Slovenian Pharmacy Students’ Association (DŠFS) for several years, not least in her role as President of the Association. She represents the interests of pharmacy and allied health students at international events as a member of the Public Health Committee of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), where this year she serves as Programme Director on Gender Equality. Ajda is also a soft-skills trainer and regularly conducts workshops for future health professionals.

Project Associate

Mojca Čeh

Mojca is a psychology student, interested in clinical psychology and prevention in the field of mental health. She is also a vice president of Slovenian Psychology Students’ Association (DŠPS) and has managed some projects regarding mental health, most noticeably project Kako si?, a public campaign dedicated to public mental health awareness building. She is also a soft skill trainer at Skupina Psihomoč and has held some workshops for grownups as well as for high schoolers. Her hobbies include volleyball, painting, hiking, and enjoying a good book.

Project Associate

Julija Vita Glas

Julija Vita is a medical student enthusiastic about health promotion and disease prevention, particularly in the field of youth work. She has been an active youth leader in various youth organisations and projects. One of her focuses was preparing and conducting workshops for children and adolescents of various ages, primarily addressing the impact of commercial determinants of health such as nicotine products and alcohol. Additionally, she worked with the Institute for Health and Environment, where she managed and co-organized several successful projects. Her overarching objective is to foster an environment where young people can make informed and healthy choices, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.