The BeWell@DIGITAL project, co-funded by EU is aimed at improving the status of mental health of youth (from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania) by empowering young people to enhance skills in digital educational routine and career development, creation of supportive peer-to-peer counselling mental health services and creation of new capacity building and employment opportunities for youth in digital working arena, all enhanced by innovative non-formal education experiences, new mobile tools and digital solutions, and open dialogue at local and national level that will reflect on broader EU area.

In the digital era, most of the world is connected to the Internet but the dependence of technologies, together with the pandemic, changes in routine and increase in uncertainty, is leading young people to develop more symptoms of anxiety, depression and interruption of sleep patterns, even triggering cyberbullying and distortion of body image.

The COVID-19 global health emergency and its economic and social impacts have disrupted nearly all aspects of life for all groups in society. For young people, especially vulnerable youth, the COVID-19 crisis poses considerable risks in the fields of education, employment, mental health and disposable income.

The BeWell@DIGITAL will:

  • deliver an awareness campaign on mental health, wellbeing issues and mixed skills in the digital era;

  • conduct capacity building opportunities for youth (Green Camp, training for youth advisors, etc.);

  • develop digital tools for youth (learning platform, information portal with live chat support, mobile app for integration of lifestyle data for monitoring wellbeing index);

  • pilot a Western Balkans network for youth support and digital (peer) counselling service centres with new youth employment opportunities.

  • It is expected to reach about 10.000 youth in Western Balkans altogether, who are also the main beneficiaries.

  • The project outputs are intended to remain available to youth long term.