Training for Trainers (T4T): Building Synergies for Better Health

Date: 15 and 21 May 2024 (travel days included),

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

About the Study session

What are the goals of the study session?

This T4T, titled Building Synergies for Better Health, will not only be a training for new soft-skills trainers but will emphasize the importance of soft skills and interprofessional collaboration in and for (youth) health.

The aim is to bring the concepts of youth work to the health sector, and vice versa, by educating young people coming from the health sector (students of medicine, psychology, dentists, pharmacy, nursing, and young health care professionals) from across Europe to become skilled trainers for health and health as a human rights topics.

The aim is also to improve intersectoral collaboration among young (future) professionals by giving them opportunities to develop their soft skills and learn how to integrate them into their professional lives when it comes to their studies, as well as their work in youth organizations/student associations.

Becoming YHO Trainers

Upon completing this training, participants will qualify as YHO trainers and be added to the pool of trainers for upcoming YHO events.


This activity is intended for participants from the countries of the Council of Europe. Check the list of countries here
International Youth Health Organization (YHO) partnered with other youth organizations from the health field in order to reach as many future healthcare professionals as possible. We have a multidisciplinary and multicultural team who works on this activity.

The applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Participants requiring a visa can request an Invitation letter from YHO. However, participants are responsible for securing it.


Each participant is responsible for arranging their travels. The selected participants will be informed about the specifics of the reimbursement process via email. Participants will be asked to present their proofs of travel and receipts/invoices to claim reimbursement.

The enrolment fee for T4T is €50 per participant. It includes all meals, accommodation, program, and travel expenses (up to budget limit). The fee is deducted from the refund of travel expenses.
The amount reimbursed for travel is based on real costs, so make sure to keep all the receipts. The maximum amount is indicated in the chart based on your distance. You can calculate your distance band here.
Before buying your ticket, your travel arrangements will need to be confirmed by YHO. You will receive more detailed information regarding the booking of your travels after the selection process.

The applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Participants requiring a visa can request an Invitation letter from YHO. However, participants are responsible for securing it.

Distance chart
Distance band (in km)Max. amount reimbursed per return trip in EUR

Accommodation and Venue

The hosting venue Lisbon Youth Centre (Centro de Juventude de Lisboa – CJL).
Information on the accommodation will follow soon.


Arrival and departure days are 15 and 21 May 2024, respectively. The program days are between 16 and 20 May 2024.

Please be mindful that this is only a draft version of the program. The program itself may change according to the availability of speakers or other factors, but the topics and hours of the activities will stay the same.

You are expected to participate in the full programme. Absence is tolerated only in special circumstances and by informing the team of trainers beforehand.
Your trainers will inform you about the expected code of conduct and safeguarding mechanisms. We wish to make this an amazing and safe experience for everyone. Please also be mindful that all YHO events are sustainable and alcohol-free events.